Bedtime Stories

I must confess to being not a large fan of Adam Sandler. Granted, I don’t hate him as many others seem to, but I do think the amount of attention he receives is disproportionate to the actual talent he possesses. I haven’t seen many of the films said to be his worst, like Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy, but the ones I have seen, Eight Crazy Nights, Hotel Transylvania, 50 First Dates and Bedtime Stories, I have enjoyed, Transylvania massively so. While Bedtime Stories, which I finally got round to seeing a mere 7 years after its release, doesn’t quite reach the enjoyment heights of Hotel Transylvania, actually not coming very near it, I found it, somewhat in spite of myself, to be funny and engaging enough to keep my attention for the entire duration of the running time.

Adam Sandler plays a down-on-his-luck handyman who discovers while babysitting his niece and nephew that they have the magical ability to turn their bedtime stories into reality. Seeing his chance to get what he’s always wanted, Sandler grows closer to the kids and attempts to turn their bedtime stories into the ideal life he hopes to live – but receives a few surprises along the way.

I found this to be quite a nice film actually; some sweet moments and a good amount of humour allow it to be decent viewing for families. Of course, it must get a mention that one of my favourite comedians, Russell Brand, does appear and does make us laugh. I’ve heard his performance scored highest in test screenings; it wouldn’t surprise me but it is quite an accomplishment given he wasn’t particularly famous in America at the time. Courtney Cox, Teresa Palmer (hot as hell) and Keri Russell all turn up and help make the action even more enjoyable.

While it certainly isn’t the best of the Adam Sandler films I have seen, it is not the worst, and if others are to be believed, it is far from his worst film. I’d recommend it for nice family viewing. That guinea pig might creep you out though…


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