Finding Nemo

I remember as a very small child in the October break of 2003 being taken to see this in the cinema with my sister by my big cousin who was babysitting us. What I didn’t know at the time was that it had been out in America since May of that year? What in the name of Merlin is that all about? The film was out in Lithuania over a month before the UK! What’s that all about? Anyway, later, it was the very first DVD I ever owned. I will now, ten years later, ten years older and wiser (yeah, right), look back on this film.

What can be said about the modern-day classic that is Finding Nemo that has not already been said? While I personally don’t feel it’s Pixar’s best film, their best being Brave, it certainly is one of their best. The voices of Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Willem Dafoe, Geoffrey Rush, Eric Bana and Barry Humphries are excellent and fit their characters well. The animation of the underwater world is fabulous. The script is sweet and funny, if far too familar to me. You can’t go wrong with Finding Nemo. Please revisit this lovely film, and if you have not seen it, for the love of God, go watch it now!

All should be excited for the recently announced 2015 sequel, Finding Dory! I personally can’t wait!!!!


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