The Amazing Spider-Man

Ever since discovering a few years ago that the Spider-Man franchise was being rebooted with new actors and a new crew, I awaited in horror to see how these new filmmakers would destroy my childhood. I had grown up with the original trilogy and thought that there was no way that this new film series could be better. Not surprisingly, it isn’t better but it is still entertaining!

In this complete re-imagining of the series, Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker who is (again) bitten by a spider which causes him to develop superpowers and (again) witnesses his Uncle Ben’s (Martin Sheen, dad of lost-cause Charlie) death and vows to protect the innocent from evil. In this version of the story, Peter finds out that his father was involved in something big before he disappears and tracks down his father’s old business partner, Dr. Connors, who accidentally becomes the villain, The Lizard, after trying to regrow his lost arm.

The CGI rendering of the lizard is pretty bad, there are many questions left unanswered (including a mysterious visitor to Dr. Connors at the end) which are obviously pointing to an announced two sequels, and many things that were in the film’s trailer that have been left out, but when the film we are given a lot of fun, it’s hard to get angry. The use of 3D is also the best in a long time, and many studios look to this to see HOW TO USE 3D PROPERLY!!!! 3D is so pointlessly used nowadays, but this is a true example of what 3D can, and should, do for a film.

Die-hard fans of the original series may be disappointed at some of the changes made, but what people must know is that this film is actually closer to the original comics than the first series was (eg. the web-shooters, Gwen Stacey rather than Mary Jane). Andrew Garfield’s interpretation of Spider-Man is also much better and truer to the comics than Tobey Maguire’s was, while Garfield’s Peter Parker is a little harder to believe than Maguire’s. Garfield makes Peter a little too cool (he skateboards believe it or not) but he does make Spider-Man much more sarcastic – the way he was meant to be, that Tobey maybe didn’t capture as much.

Well worth a watch. Despite a running time of almost 2-and-a-half hours, the film seems to zip by at a great speed. All volunteers were surprised by how much they enjoyed the film. Even John liked it.


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